100% Hemp Khakis

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A new take on an old favorite.  100% hemp for a rugged yet comfortable pair of pants that will last a lifetime.  Our medium-weight, 10 oz. twill is tough enough for anything you can throw at it, but comfortable enough for a day at the office.  Horizontal rear seam for confort, faux-flap rear pockets.  Extra attention has been paid to the seams and stress points to ensure that the construction holds up as long as the fabric.

Care - Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or regular.  Don't bother ironing, they look great right out of the dryer.  Because hemp fibers expose more surfaces over time, these pants will soften as they age.  Warm or hot water washes will shrink the fabric, so avoid these if you like the fit.


Sizing information - These pants run approximately one inch small in the waist, so a pair labelled 38 is actually 37" in the waist.  Please adjust accordingly when ordering.