About Us

This all started with a pair of pants I bought in a shop a block off the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica. Or maybe it started before that.

I had just received a pair of hemp fight shorts from Datsusara MMA and had two Jiu Jitsu kimonos on order awaiting shipment. Hemp is the perfect material for this application because its strength allows for a much lighter garment without compromising integrity. And the anti-microbial properties are a huge bonus.

Anyway, back to Costa Rica. After getting back to our rental and trying on the pants again, I realized that they just weren't going to cut it for the five days a week I spend wearing business casual. That got me started on one of those really long Internet searches trying to find 100% hemp pants that would work. Not as bad as it sounds, because I was on my laptop by the pool with a steady supply of cold Imperial beers. I did find some companies who were selling hemp clothing, but it was either hemp blend or a lightweight basket weave that looked, and wrinkled, like a pair of linen pants.

Well, if nobody is making them, I guess I should. So here we are. I hope you enjoy.

Brad Tumer
Founder, Terran Apparel